Ship On-Board Operations

The functions of an on-board ship property management system (PMS) have grown dramatically over time. Today’s system has to facilitate the provision of the best possible client experience while effectively controlling finances and vessel security. The system must be tightly integrated with a cruise lines’ shore side systems to monitor fleet wide activity and trends to enhance marketing, product planning, crew management, and financial reporting. This must all be done in the context of the lowest possible cost of ownership.

IBS’ Ship Partner product reflects the industry evolution described. Today it is a tightly integrated series of modules that integrates closely with CRM and reservation systems to provide functionality that meets the demands of a cruise line to maximize its clients’ satisfaction & revenue, and provide immediate access to real time data across the whole fleet, thus allowing effective product planning and marketing decision support. It provides for a secure vessel operating environment and tools, to ensure that the quality of the passengers’ on board experience is best in class. This is provided through the level of integration of the modules in a single overall product when coupled with our other products, iTravel, Cruise Partner, or iLoyal, thus reducing the cost of ownership and maintenance.

Ship onboard operations


  • A reduction in system TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and cost of service operations throughout the fleet and for the cruise line as a whole
  • A seamless integration with CRM and reservation systems so customer experience management is foremost in the life time engagement cycle, not just in a single booking
  • An enhanced focus on measuring and managing each guest’s total vacation experience on each vessel, including accelerated check-in, increased peace-of-mind gangway security, and a comprehensive on-board cashless environment to simplify on-board life
  • Increased productivity of both shore-side and on-board service, maintenance, technical, and administrative staff
  • A reduction in pressure and responsibility for technical issues by shipboard personnel, reducing total costs and correspondingly freeing up more time to serve the specific needs of each guest
  • State of the art relational database – self-indexing and self-maintaining, thus requiring very little scheduled maintenance