Cruise Reservation System

iTravel Cruise is the next-generation reservation system designed to address the current and emerging needs of the Cruise industry. iTravel Cruise provides a comprehensive set of solutions that enables end-to-end processes (from planning to operational accounting) of Cruise Companies. In line with our deep conviction that there exist significant opportunities to redefine how the cruise industry services its customers, the vision of iTravel has been coined as “Redefining Travel Business”. In an era of travel convergence, where different constituents of the travel ecosystem are throwing up solutions that appear to be highly similar in nature, cruise companies require several market-leading capabilities for differentiation. This requires smarter technology with iTravel at its core.

Digital Cruise Enterprise


  • Customer Centricity

    Enables a cruise company to personalize its engagement across the trip lifecycle.

  • Multiple Business Model Support

    iTravel supports multiple business models, from selling with or without value addition a range of products from FIT products to different shades of packages such as Tailor Made packages, Escorted Tours, Dynamic Vacation experiences etc.

  • Business & Customer Context Driven

    Enables policy execution based on business and customer context.

  • Flexible Selling Platform

    iTravel comes with a sophisticated selling platform that can sell from both internal and external pools of inventory.

  • Unconstrained Access to Digital Content

    Enable your enterprise to efficiently connect product sources through the Aggregation Engine.

  • Advanced Search Techniques

    New strategies like Scoping & Prioritization Rules improve search relevance and yield while reducing search response times.

  • Dynamic Inventory and Pricing Management

    Ensure synchronization between demand and supply through advanced, interactive digital dashboards that provide real-time response and instant updates.

  • High Productivity Set-up Apps

    iTravel comes with several productivity tools ranging from mainly Intelli-boards (which provide the ability to see decision drivers and make changes to operations from one screen) to excel uploads for products, contracts etc., which significantly reduce set-up time.

  • Context Management

    Dynamically define contexts and actions on occurrence of the context.

  • Smart Workflow Engine

    User definable workflows provide operational efficiency in managing the business operations of a cruise company.