Digital Travel Enterprise

In an era of travel convergence where different constituents of the travel ecosystem are coming up with solutions that appear to be highly similar in nature, travel companies require several market-leading capabilities for differentiation.

iTravel Tour is the next-generation reservations system designed to address the current and emerging needs of the Travel industry. iTravel Tour provides a comprehensive set of solutions that enables end-to-end processes (from planning to operational accounting) of Travel Companies.

iTravel Tour is a flexible and versatile platform that meets end-to-end requirements of a travel company, especially those of travel intermediaries.

Digital Travel Enterprise


  • Increases revenue at all Customer Touch Points
    • Provides superior selling capability across all channels
    • Consultative selling capabilities can be enabled for offline channels to effectively up-sell & cross sell
    • Supports all conventional distribution channels as well as newer channels increasingly being adopted by the consumers
    • Reduces lost demand
  • Improves Profitability
    • Better synchronization of demand and supply
    • Reduces incidence of fraud
    • Reduces cost through automation of key processes - One Touch Bookings
    • Reduces risk by following a hybrid strategy of drawing inventory from internal and external inventory pools
  • Improves Customer Engagement
    • Build much better consumer understanding and more sophisticated tailoring of product, service, and channel strategies against differentiated, well-defined consumer segments and their specific travel demands
    • Personalize engagement with customer across travel life cycle
  • Facilitates aggressive building of more flexible production models that allow dynamic packaging and pricing of travel products at the point of sale with improved online-front ends
  • Significantly improves agility to respond to market conditions through mechanisms that change system behavior based on passenger and business context
  • Brings about a high degree of operational efficiency through automation of mid office and back office processes
  • Maximizes the level of service integration with service partners
  • Provides a scalable, reliable & future proof system to drive enterprise transformation