Tour Partner

Tour Partner is a versatile and scalable system focused on small and medium business. It is designed to meet the needs for multi-channel distribution and global operations that includes:

  • B2B online booking for travel agency and other travel organizer bookings
  • B2C services for public bookings
  • and traditional call center reservations

Tour Partner has a wide range of customer and technology driven features and functionalities designed to simplify the end-to-end management of multi-travel resource bookings (Accommodation, Tour, Car rental, Activity, Transfer, Transportation – Rail/Ferry/Coach, Air, Insurance and Miscellaneous items). In essence, it is designed to support dynamic booking capability for the vacation travel market in all its forms including individual travel, packages (fixed, flexible, and dynamic), escorted tours, group travel and tour products.

As a bookings engine, the system is seen as the hub for a business-to-business product distribution capability with multiple sales channels, such as the Internet for public bookings, extranet for travel agency and other travel organizer bookings as well as traditional call center reservations support.

The system is fully web-enabled, with multiple, browser-based user interfaces for all functionality. Multiple personalities allow for different booking flows based on user type. An XML API provides for integration as a booking engine into existing web-based shopping front ends.


  • Handles the entire breadth of reservation activity, from the tour sale to all ancillary items like pre and post tours, shore excursions, bon voyage gifts, shipboard credits, air reservations, FIT, and Hotel, etc.
  • Allows consultative sales as product availability and details can be quickly researched because of its extensive shopping features
  • Enables selection of the right product as availability and pricing are displayed at the same time on screen
  • Encourages cross-selling as “associated items” are automatically presented
  • Allows quotes to be created and saved for later conversion. No space is held for a quote – the system automatically re-shops for the same item(s) and advises any necessary changes to convert