Tour Partner

Tour Partner is a versatile and scalable system focused on small and medium business. It is designed to meet the needs for multi-channel distribution and global operations that includes:

  • B2B online booking for travel agency and other travel organizer bookings
  • B2C services for public bookings
  • and traditional call center reservations

Tour Partner has a wide range of customer and technology driven features and functionalities designed to simplify the end-to-end management of multi-travel resource bookings (Accommodation, Tour, Car rental, Activity, Transfer, Transportation – Rail/Ferry/Coach, Air, Insurance and Miscellaneous items). In essence, it is designed to support dynamic booking capability for the vacation travel market in all its forms including individual travel, packages (fixed, flexible, and dynamic), escorted tours, group travel and tour products.

As a bookings engine, the system is seen as the hub for a business-to-business product distribution capability with multiple sales channels, such as the Internet for public bookings, extranet for travel agency and other travel organizer bookings as well as traditional call center reservations support.

The system is fully web-enabled, with multiple, browser-based user interfaces for all functionality. Multiple personalities allow for different booking flows based on user type. An XML API provides for integration as a booking engine into existing web-based shopping front ends.


  • Handles the entire breadth of reservation activity, from the tour sale to all ancillary items like pre and post tours, shore excursions, bon voyage gifts, shipboard credits, air reservations, FIT, and Hotel, etc.
  • Allows consultative sales as product availability and details can be quickly researched because of its extensive shopping features
  • Enables selection of the right product as availability and pricing are displayed at the same time on screen
  • Encourages cross-selling as “associated items” are automatically presented
  • Allows quotes to be created and saved for later conversion. No space is held for a quote – the system automatically re-shops for the same item(s) and advises any necessary changes to convert

Digital Cruise Enterprise

iTravel Cruise is the next-generation reservation system designed to address the current and emerging needs of the Cruise industry. iTravel Cruise provides a comprehensive set of solutions that enables end-to-end processes (from planning to operational accounting) of Cruise Companies. In line with our deep conviction that there exist significant opportunities to redefine how the cruise industry services its customers, the vision of iTravel has been coined as “Redefining Travel Business”. In an era of travel convergence, where different constituents of the travel ecosystem are throwing up solutions that appear to be highly similar in nature, cruise companies require several market-leading capabilities for differentiation. This requires smarter technology with iTravel at its core.

Digital Cruise Enterprise


  • Customer Centricity

    Enables a cruise company to personalize its engagement across the trip lifecycle.

  • Multiple Business Model Support

    iTravel supports multiple business models, from selling with or without value addition a range of products from FIT products to different shades of packages such as Tailor Made packages, Escorted Tours, Dynamic Vacation experiences etc.

  • Business & Customer Context Driven

    Enables policy execution based on business and customer context.

  • Flexible Selling Platform

    iTravel comes with a sophisticated selling platform that can sell from both internal and external pools of inventory.

  • Unconstrained Access to Digital Content

    Enable your enterprise to efficiently connect product sources through the Aggregation Engine.

  • Advanced Search Techniques

    New strategies like Scoping & Prioritization Rules improve search relevance and yield while reducing search response times.

  • Dynamic Inventory and Pricing Management

    Ensure synchronization between demand and supply through advanced, interactive digital dashboards that provide real-time response and instant updates.

  • High Productivity Set-up Apps

    iTravel comes with several productivity tools ranging from mainly Intelli-boards (which provide the ability to see decision drivers and make changes to operations from one screen) to excel uploads for products, contracts etc., which significantly reduce set-up time.

  • Context Management

    Dynamically define contexts and actions on occurrence of the context.

  • Smart Workflow Engine

    User definable workflows provide operational efficiency in managing the business operations of a cruise company.

Digital Travel Enterprise

In an era of travel convergence where different constituents of the travel ecosystem are coming up with solutions that appear to be highly similar in nature, travel companies require several market-leading capabilities for differentiation.

iTravel Tour is the next-generation reservations system designed to address the current and emerging needs of the Travel industry. iTravel Tour provides a comprehensive set of solutions that enables end-to-end processes (from planning to operational accounting) of Travel Companies.

iTravel Tour is a flexible and versatile platform that meets end-to-end requirements of a travel company, especially those of travel intermediaries.

IBS also has a digital reservations platform tailored for small and medium travel companies and tour operators available for rapid implementation called Tour Partner.

Digital Travel Enterprise


  • Increases revenue at all Customer Touch Points
    • Provides superior selling capability across all channels
    • Consultative selling capabilities can be enabled for offline channels to effectively up-sell & cross sell
    • Supports all conventional distribution channels as well as newer channels increasingly being adopted by the consumers
    • Reduces lost demand
  • Improves Profitability
    • Better synchronization of demand and supply
    • Reduces incidence of fraud
    • Reduces cost through automation of key processes - One Touch Bookings
    • Reduces risk by following a hybrid strategy of drawing inventory from internal and external inventory pools
  • Improves Customer Engagement
    • Build much better consumer understanding and more sophisticated tailoring of product, service, and channel strategies against differentiated, well-defined consumer segments and their specific travel demands
    • Personalize engagement with customer across travel life cycle
  • Facilitates aggressive building of more flexible production models that allow dynamic packaging and pricing of travel products at the point of sale with improved online-front ends
  • Significantly improves agility to respond to market conditions through mechanisms that change system behavior based on passenger and business context
  • Brings about a high degree of operational efficiency through automation of mid office and back office processes
  • Maximizes the level of service integration with service partners
  • Provides a scalable, reliable & future proof system to drive enterprise transformation

Ship On-Board Operations

Ship Partner on-board solution suite will be core to a cruise line's digital transformation strategy to deliver a seamless personalized experience to customers across the trip life cycle.

The functions of an on-board ship Property Management System (PMS) have grown dramatically over time. Today's system has to facilitate the provision of best possible client experience while effectively controlling operations and vessel security. The system must also be tightly integrated with a cruise lines' shore-side systems to monitor fleet wide activity and trends to enhance marketing, product planning, crew management, and financial reporting. This must all be done in the context of the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Ship Partner, the next-generation fully web-based solution suite for on-board property, guest and personnel management reflects the industry evolution. It is a tightly coupled series of modules that integrates closely with CRM, Loyalty and Reservation Systems to provide scalable functionality that meets the demands of a cruise line to maximize its clients' satisfaction & revenue, and provide immediate access to real time data across the whole fleet, allowing effective product planning and marketing decision support. It provides for a secure vessel operating environment and tools, to ensure that the quality of the passengers' on board experience is best in class.


IBS’s Ship Partner solution suite comprises of the following key modules:

Next generation PMS system built specifically for the cruise industry. Fully integrated with reservation and CRM systems to deliver personalized guest experiences and relying on automation to boost operational efficiency.


  • Reservation Loading and Tracking
  • Passenger Manifest
  • Vessel & Voyage Management
  • Gangway Management
  • 360-degree Customer Profile
  • Passenger Billing
  • Visitors Management
  • Crew Profile & Billing
  • Safety Drills
  • Muster Station & Cabin Assignments
  • Housekeeping
  • Baggage Tracking
  • Accounting
  • Currency Exchange
  • Reporting

Fast Check-in for passengers on an online or offline mode using a variety of devices like laptops, mobile or tablets to avoid queues and improve guest satisfaction.


  • Streamlined Check-in process
  • FIT or Group Check-in
  • Customizable Check-in workflow
  • Easy Passenger Verification
  • Remote check-in at ports with minimum connectivity
  • Passenger Payment information capture
  • Split Billing setup
  • Card and Luggage Tag Printing
  • RFID integration
  • Last Minute Booking
  • Reporting

The Guest Portal mobile app creates a seamless travel experience for cruise line guests by guiding them through the transitional stages of their vacation by anticipating needs and reacting in real time. The mobile app will help cruise lines tap into the growing market of travelers, given their social connectivity and mobile first interactions.

While customers get an ideal travel companion that ensures a stress-free vacation experience, cruise line organizations could also achieve a number of strategic goals like below that would drive additional revenue growth:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience & Personalization
  • Create an additional Revenue Channel
  • Improve Service Levels
  • Increase Staff Productivity

The mobile app boasts of being built on next-gen mobile frameworks and is designed in a way that can be easily customized by cruise lines to fit individual marketing and branding needs. The app also seamlessly integrates with Reservation, PMS, CRM and CMS systems for optimal functional coverage. The hybrid mobile app can be deployed to App Store™, Play Store™ and other app market-places and is compatible with all devices.

Ship Partner Guest Portal Mobile App

Key Features

The Guest Portal mobile app is feature-packed and comes with capabilities that can function both online (land & maritime networks) and offline.

  • Fleet & Vessel Information:
    Ability to highlight the elegance & grandeur of the fleet and voyages by providing interactive options to explore real time overview of ship’s position, speed, heading & course while cruising, maneuvering, piloting or docking.

  • Itinerary Information
    Comprehensive details about the voyage to help customers manage their journey hassle free. Pre-Post cruise booking details that will help customers manage a travel dairy to make the best of their time.

  • Check-in/out with Virtual Key
    The Virtual key feature in the app makes it possible for customers to use their smartphones to unlock cabin doors and access other designated areas. Driven by Bluetooth technology, the virtual key will use standalone device authentication improving visibility and real-time communication throughout the journey.

  • Dining Reservations
    Let’s customers discover on-board culinary delights put together by award-winning chefs, enabling customers to choose (room service or to dine-in), provide reviews, decide gratuity and share experiences.

  • Shore Excursion Reservations
    Makes shore excursions easily accessible to customers through vivid content & availability, with the option to reserve recommended product listing focused on customer preferences.

  • Online Retail
    Ability to catalogue all merchandize and offers onboard providing an easy mode for customers to browse merchandize, view and compare details and buy from anywhere onboard to get it delivered at the customer’s preferred location or even pick up at a store later.

  • Tour Guide The Tour Guide feature will allow customers to discover about the city of call including attractions, must visit places, areas of interest, accommodation options and others related information using spatial services.

  • Virtual Reality
    The app is incorporated with VR capabilities giving customers new virtual experiences with tours across ship public areas, decks, dining halls, life onboard etc. even before their cruise to trigger excitement or even inspire them to go for a cruise vacation.

  • Travelogue
    Provision for customers to preview, select, order (soft + hard copies) of photos taken during the course of voyage.

  • Luggage Tracking
    A dedicated section in the app for customers to track and monitor the status of their luggage anytime and from anywhere while they enjoy their trip.

  • Push Notifications
    Include images, GIFs, videos, or audio files directly in push notifications for more compelling messages that would be useful for customers to know onboard. The app provides the ability to enable push notifications for both online and offline modes.

  • Advertisement Management
    Specialized services for promoting partners of cruise lines as well as context-based promotion and deals onboard and onshore.

  • Feedback
    The Survey and Feedback functionality will be available to position surveys to customers and solicit feedback on a wide range of product and service categories. The survey questionnaire is fully dynamic and customization can be extended to the specific customer, itinerary, ship level etc.  

  • Social Media Integration
    Gets customers to interact with family and friends via all popular social media channels. The app will guide customers to publish user-generated content on social media including photos, videos, reviews and likes.

Managing On-Shore excursions across the fleet has never been easier, Ship Partners’ Shorex module allows to easily track, manage and book shore excursions, events and services on-board to increase revenue per passenger.


  • Shorex Catalog Management
  • Book Shorex/Tour
  • Inventory/Pricing Setup
  • Setup Shorex packages
  • Mark-up & Slab-based pricing models
  • Pricing per person or Quantity-based
  • Book FIT and Groups
  • Shorex Manifest
  • Shorex Vendor Management
  • Vendor Notifications
  • Shorex – Passenger Bus Assignments
  • Crew Mobile App – For Shorex Management & Tracking

The POS is versatile and known for its capabilities to remove barriers for transactions anytime, anywhere and for anything. Supporting a cash free environment on-board, Ship Partner's point-of-sale systems can be installed at food & beverage, retail, medical and spa outlets to enable sales through RFID devices, on-board key cards or credit cards.


  • Multiple Form of Payments
  • Configured for use at restaurants, bars, medical and spa outlets
  • Fully Integrated with Ship Partner Stock and Dining Systems
  • Item Availability by Colour coding
  • Parent and Child Product Displays
  • Packages Management (Drink Packages etc.)
  • Multi Course Dining Management
  • Split Checks
  • Integration with Pax Profile
  • Passenger and Crew Billing
  • Discounts
  • Open Table Functionality
  • Signature capture on tablets
  • Guest Comments/Modifiers (less ice, more ice etc.)
  • End of Day Report

Take full control of your stock with real time inventory management across the fleet, centralized control of purchasing, vendor management and invoicing.


  • Purchase Workflow
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Bid Management
  • Issue Requests
  • Transfers
  • Spoilages
  • Returns
  • Stock Item Management (Definition, Pricing, Inventory)
  • Package Definition & Management
  • Menu Engineering
  • Interactive Calendar based Menu Scheduling
  • Recipe Management
  • Integrated with Ship Partner POS and Dining Management Systems
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Sales & Budgeting
  • Reporting

Streamlined Crew Management by Ship Partner empowers Cruise Lines to view and adapt to their ever changing workforce, a crucial link and a differentiator for the brand. Ship Partner Crew enables simplified crew scheduling including comprehensive recruitment procedures and storage of employment records, crew safety & operational certification tracking.


  • Crew Profile Management
  • Single/Mass crew sign on/off
  • Global Crew Planning
  • Minimum Manning
  • Crew Training Scheduler
  • Crew check-in /check-out status
  • Crew payments
  • Recruitment
  • Administration
  • Competency & Qualification Management
  • Employment & Contract Management

Travel & Cruise Management

As the travel industry pivots towards convergence, cruise companies continually face the need to be more differentiated, customer focused, flexible, and intelligent in order to be ‘total vacation providers.’ This requires smart technology.

At IBS, we strive for innovation that can enable cruise companies to provide a tailored experience capable of adapting to their customers’ expectations.

Solution Suite