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Next Gen Connectivity in Air Cargo

The air cargo industry has come a long way in terms of integration of technology. However, in view of the changing demands of the market and the shift towards digital, air cargo carriers need to fast forward their technology platforms.  

In this on demand webinar recording, Kanakambaran Nair, Enterprise Architect, Cargo & Logistics Solutions at IBS Software,  shares insights on how the API ecosystem will define the future in air cargo.

Partnerships & Collaboration Models in Air Freight

A series of market shifts sweeping the air freight industry - new players and business models, technology disruptions, rise of e-commerce - calls for increased partnership and collaboration among airlines, GHAs and other supply chain partners.

In this on-demand webinar, Ajith Pancily Poothiyot, Manager – Special Initiatives, Cargo & Logistics Business, at IBS Software, shares insights on the approaches that airlines, GHAs and other air freight supply chain partners can take for gaining higher efficiencies and revenue.

Optimizing Upstream Oil & Gas Logistics Through Integrated Demand Planning and Capacity Forecasting

Oil and Gas companies can save 30-40% of upstream logistics spend through seamless integration of demand planning and capacity forecasting with multi-modal logistics operations (Aviation, Marine, Land and Accommodation).

In this on-demand webinar, Remasankar S, Vice President & Advisor - Global Client Engagement, Oil & Gas Business Unit at IBS Software, as he explains how a disciplined business process with the right digital strategy can help in improving demand planning and capacity forecasting accuracy, leading to greater logistics efficiencies.

Modern airline distribution - in need of a fundamentally different approach to technology

The airline industry was one of the first industries to adopt technology, long even before the banking sector. This early adoption of technology has become a major roadblock, and today we are not only seeing airlines unable to transform but at times even unable to think innovation.

In this webinar, Marco Contento, VP, Aviation Business Services, IBS Software, talks about:

Driving Emotional Loyalty through Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Are airlines doing enough to connect emotionally with their loyal flyers? Does it really matter, or are typical frequent flyer programs enough? What struggles do airlines and their customer officers face in this regard?  Data Analytics and Machine Learning are frequently discussed in the context of offer personalization. Can they be harnessed in a very different way to generate emotional loyalty? 

Get insights into these questions and more, in this webinar by Binay Warrier, Head of Business Development, Loyalty Management Solutions at IBS Software.

Let’s Disrupt Disruptions by Thinking and Managing Anew

Airlines are facing some of the greatest challenges ever, and among them operational disruptions which have become drivers of operational inefficiencies, unreported rise in costs, and cause of increasing passenger dissatisfaction.

In this webinar, Jasenka Rapajic, founder of Astute Aviation and author of the book ‘Beyond Airline Disruptions’ talks about how to disrupt disruptions by getting the insight into their deeper origins and bridging the information gaps between strategy and operations.

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