Optimizing Upstream Oil & Gas Logistics Through Integrated Demand Planning and Capacity Forecasting

Oil and Gas companies can save 30-40% of upstream logistics spend through seamless integration of demand planning and capacity forecasting with multi-modal logistics operations (Aviation, Marine, Land and Accommodation).

In this on-demand webinar, Remasankar S, Vice President & Advisor - Global Client Engagement, Oil & Gas Business Unit at IBS Software, as he explains how a disciplined business process with the right digital strategy can help in improving demand planning and capacity forecasting accuracy, leading to greater logistics efficiencies.

By attending this webinar, you will learn, how to:

  • Adopt a ‘Planning & Forecasting’ based logistics model
  • Expand demand planning horizon and reduce demand variance
  • Improve logistics capacity forecasting accuracy & collaboration among departments
  • Negotiate better rates with logistics and accommodation service providers
  • Optimize integrated logistics operations and reduce logistics spend


Remasankar S
Vice President & Advisor - Global Client Engagement, Oil & Gas Business Unit, IBS Software

Remasankar has 20+ years of Oil & Gas supply chain and logistics management experience, working with global clients in business & technology transformation. In the Advisory role, he currently drives the business process alignment, value realization & ROI of the cloud based Oil and Gas Logistics Management Platform (iLogistics) from IBS across various markets and industries (including Mining).

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