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Applying Blockchain in Air Cargo

There is a lot of buzz around “blockchain” being the go-to solution across most industries. While blockchain promises robustness, security and reliability in a rapidly digitalizing global trade ecosystem, what does it have in store for the Air Cargo industry?

In this webinar, Radhesh Menon, AVP   Head – Strategy   Product Management, Cargo   Logistics Solutions, IBS Software explores the basic premise of blockchain and its potential use cases in Air Cargo Management.

Redefining Airline Operations

Digital transformation has become a buzzword in the aviation industry, as leading airlines strategize to advance in a hyper-competitive environment. And, airline operations is a key area that airlines are focusing on, in their transformation journey.

This is a recording of the webinar presented on 7th March 2019 by Daniel Stecher, Vice President - Airline Operations at IBS Software.

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