Trends and insights that shape the industry

Impact of COVID-19 on Global Air Cargo

The airline industry has taken one of the biggest hits because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With passenger and cargo capacity on the decline, cargo carriers have been trying to be on top of the situation by deploying various strategies like aircraft conversions, and more chartered flights.

Cold Chain Pharma Logistics – Opportunities, Challenges and Options

Pharma logistics today is about the safe and secure transportation of pharmaceuticals from production to consumption while ensuring that integrity of product is not compromised. However, with increasing complexity of the global pharma supply chain to meet the increasing spend in healthcare sector, regulatory requirements surrounding transportation of temperature controlled pharma will become increasingly stricter and wider in scope and reach.

Augmented reality through smart glass technology

Technology advancement in its latest lap of progress has presented before us, an able contender in the form of wearable devices. Wearable devices includes a gamut of devices that can be worn as a clothing / accessory, and have an amount of processing power, storage and logic. While some of these devices like the activity trackers have already made inroads into the consumer market, many are still in the conceptual and prototyping phase.

Mobile Enablement of Airline Cargo Terminal Operations

A combination of changing industry regulations, razor thin margins and tough competition is forcing many airline cargo enterprises to reengineer their existing business practices. With the advent of mobile applications and the increasingly favourable disposition of customers towards mobile technology, and due to the increasing availability and ease of performing software upgrades, mobile devices seem to be the most likely candidate to drive inevitable change.