Cold Chain Pharma Logistics – Opportunities, Challenges and Options

Cold Chain Pharma Logistics

In 2013 a top pharma retailer in the US decided to donate over 300,000 does of flu vaccine to the Laos People's Democratic Republic, in the light of the regions flu season. External aid was necessary but came with its own challenges. The safe transportation of the vaccines from US production facility to consumption in Laos presented several challenges and most important among them was ensuring the integrity of the vaccine. The vaccine was travelling over 8,000 miles and across multiple national borders, being handled by multiple parties – production, packing, trucking, airline, forwarder, airport, seaport, rail, importer, exporter, wholesaler, retailer, pharmacists etc. before reaching patients. Situations like these are common today where vaccines and preventive health care solutions are increasingly used in developed as well as developing countries.

Pharma logistics today is about the safe and secure transportation of pharmaceuticals from production to consumption while ensuring that integrity of product is not compromised.

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Augmented reality through smart glass technology

Augmented reality through smart glass technology

Technology advancement in its latest lap of progress has presented before us, an able contender in the form of wearable devices. Wearable devices includes a gamut of devices that can be worn as a clothing / accessory, and have an amount of processing power, storage and logic. While some of these devices like the activity trackers have already made inroads into the consumer market, many are still in the conceptual and prototyping phase.

Smart glass is a wearable technology that can be head mounted and closely represent glasses/eyewear. The concept and philosophy of smart glass has become all the more popular since the launch of 'Google Glass' in 2012. Ever since, there have been many who entered the frame or have announced launches of smart glass technology products. Vuzix M100 smart glass is one that has already hit the market and claims to be the 'world's first commercially available smart glasses'.

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Mobile Enablement of Airline Cargo Terminal Operations

Augmented reality through smart glass technologyMobile Enablement of Airline Cargo Terminal Operations

A combination of changing industry regulations, razor thin margins and tough competition is forcing many airline cargo enterprises to reengineer their existing business practices.

With the advent of mobile applications and the increasingly favorable disposition of customers towards mobile technology, and due to the increasing availability and ease of performing software upgrades, mobile devices seem to be the most likely candidate to drive inevitable change.

The white paper looks at how various process of the airline cargo supply chain can be streamlined and improved by way of increased automation and mobile apps.

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