Impact of COVID-19 on Global Air Cargo

At this juncture, with major industries across the globe waging war against the global pandemic to remain afloat amidst all the turmoil, one could easily assert that the airline industry has taken the biggest hit. Both passenger as well as cargo capacity has been on the decline ever since the pandemic spread across different countries. Many cargo carriers have been trying to be on top of the situation by deploying various strategies like aircraft conversions, more chartered flights etc.

However to formulate and design an effective response and a long term recovery plan, it's imperative that the stakeholders look at how the industry has performed during the tough period across different geographies, understand how some carriers were able to turn the tide in their favor and identify measures to help them overcome this crisis with a focus on long term growth. As the leading supplier of software solutions that run mission critical operations of airlines, cruise lines and the hospitality industry, IBS Software is right in the midst of the COVID 19 phenomenon.

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