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Situational Awareness Technology in Airline Operations

An Operations Control Center (OCC) manages several complex aspects of airline operations, such as the expensive fleet of modern and old aircraft, large number of crew members, detailed maintenance cycles, optimization of fuel burn, ATC communications, airport slots and so much more. Unfortunately, most OCCs are powered by legacy IT systems that might result in airlines running a high risk of frequent and often expensive disruption in their services. The good news is, Modern IT systems with ‘Situational Awareness’, take a different path. By displaying only the relevant information, they reduce screen complexity, thus enabling users to understand the situation better and take the most appropriate decision.

In this white paper, we explore and touch upon:

  • Daily challenges of an Operations Control Center (OCC) and shortcomings with existing IT systems
  • "SAW - Situational Awareness Window" approach in airline OCC management
  • Benefits for Airlines with Situational Awareness Technology in Airline Operations

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