Situational Awareness Technology in Airline Operations

The Operations Control Center (OCC), although invisible to passengers, manages several complex aspects of airline operations, such as the expensive fleet of modern and old aircraft, large number of crew members, detailed maintenance cycles, optimization of fuel burn, ATC communications, airport slots and so much more.

This is enabled by a complex Information Technology (IT) system, which in many cases is so outdated that it would greatly disappoint a customer who believes he/she is flying with a 'five star' airline.

Without modern IT systems to warn the OCC staff about difficult weather, maintenance concerns, late or sick crew and other issues, airlines run a high risk of frequent and often expensive disruption in their services. For instance, a diversion to an alternate airport (due to bad weather) can cost the airline around between €15,000 and more than 100,000€ according IATA and that is excluding crew and airport staff costs*.

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