The Next Evolution of Airline Operations: Eye Tracking

Can modern technology help airline operations control centers totake better decisions?

Airline operations controllers worldwide discuss "Situational Awareness", but in their daily operations they insist on “seeing it all” before taking a decision. But science has an explanation for why this isn't a good approach.

The brain devours ten million bits of information every second, which is comparable to the bandwidth of the Ethernet. However, the conscious part of the human brain is limited to only fifty bits of information. This means that 99.9995% of the information is beyond the conscious reach of the airline operations controller. The operations controller is not consciously following the many alerts typically visible in a modern operations IT system such as a pax misconnect, critical weather at the arrival airport, a technical defect alert (e.g APU inop), an offload of pax, a tight or missed crew connection, a curfew warning, a diversion alert, an ATC slot, a critical airport slot and more.

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