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The Next Evolution of Airline Operations: Eye Tracking

Airline operations controllers worldwide discuss about "Situational Awareness", but in their daily operations they insist on "seeing it all“ before taking a decision. The question really is - Is this a good approach?

Each second, the human brain devours more than 10 million bits of information. However, the conscious part of the human brain can process only fifty bits of information. This means that 99.9995% of the information is beyond the conscious reach of the airline operations controller! Upon observing the eye movements of airline operations controllers while watching a typical airline operations control Gantt Chart, the difference becomes evident confirming the fact that too much information does not lead to better understanding.

Eye Tracking technology will help airline operations control centers to get out of the information trap. Technology can recognize the eye movement of the user and estimate how well the information is being understood. Learn more about how Eye Tracking technology can enable complete situational awareness in airline operations, by downloading this white paper.

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