Improving Staff Travel Process & Experience

Staff travel concession is one of the most important motivational strategies employed by airlines. Free or discounted travel perks attract and retain talented professionals to work in the airline industry.

Airlines set up a staff travel policy taking into consideration different parameters such as region of operation, type of operations, prevalent labor rules, type of benefits that need to be provided, nature of target audience receiving the benefits and so on. As the staff travel management processes for travel in own airline is an internal process, airlines usually do not fully automate the process wherein complex activities are managed through manual procedures. To avail the benefit, the employee needs to create a request, mostly paper forms, and forward it to the staff travel department. The staff travel administrator manually validates the employee eligibility from the records maintained by the staff travel office. The administrator then makes bookings for the employees, processes payments, issues tickets, manages refunds if any and track these records. While such manual procedures may suffice for small or startup airlines with relatively lesser number of employees, checking for policy compliance and prevention of misuse becomes a cumbersome activity when the employee base grows substantially; additional aspect being management of staff travel policy evolution in line with business model changes as the airline scales up operations.

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