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NDC native or compliant: What to look for in your PSS

The NDC program was initiated by IATA (International Air Transport Association) with the objective of streamlining distribution networks through an industry-level standardization protocol and give airlines greater flexibility to differentiate and sell their products via third-party intermediaries. As NDC gains momentum in the industry, airlines can explore multiple strategies to help them achieve their NDC initiatives such as product differentiation, personalized offers, rich content & ancillaries offers. One way to do this would be to move from a legacy PSS system to a modern distribution platform. However, in doing so, should they look at NDC compliant or NDC native platforms?

In this white paper, we answer these questions and touch upon:

  • Demystifying the differences between NDC native and NDC compliant platforms
  • How do NDC compliant (non-native) platforms work?
  • What does it take to build a NDC native solution?
  • Why should airlines invest in a NDC native PSS solution?

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