NDC native or compliant: What to look for in your PSS

Next time a sales guy shows up in your office and tries to sell you a PSS solution that supports NDC, stop him/her right there and request one clarification: Is the solution you are talking about genuinely achieving NDC objectives and NDC native or merely NDC compliant?

Note the subtle difference because it really matters! An NDC native-platform like iFlyRes is built from the ground up to enable your airline to tap into the immense value additions put forth by the standard, while some platforms boast of NDC compliance by building a conversion layer on top of their current base platform. The key problem is that NDC is not a capability in itself, it is merely the pipe through which you can pump the rich and versatile product offering. It does not fix the shortcomings of your engine that is creating your product offering. NDC native means to adopt not only the messaging standards but to ensure the key business objectives of NDC are supported in the core PSS.

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