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What NDC can (and can't) do for airlines and passengers

NDC brings in great benefits to airlines and customers alike. With NDC, airlines can seamlessly create compelling and relevant offers across all channels, backed by exciting experiences and rich content. Likewise, customers can get access to great offers via any channel, direct or indirect. However, in order to truly assess the business value addition that a NDC native platform can bring to an airline and to create a compelling business case for it, it’s important to understand what NDC can and can’t do for both airlines and passengers and to clearly establish boundaries on what would investing in an NDC native/enabled platform mean for an airline.

In this white paper, we explore and touch upon:

  • The shortcomings of a GDS-reliant distribution model
  • What NDC promises in the GDS world?
  • What can airlines expect from a NDC native PSS solution?

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