Trends and insights that shape the industry

AI-driven price determination - a phased approach to continuous pricing

Airlines have long been looking to apply continuous pricing to increase sales conversion and optimize revenues across channels. But legacy systems based on limited Reservation Booking Designators (RBD) constitute a longstanding challenge to achieving airline pricing objectives. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Software Acceptance - A Recipe for Success

Delivering a software product that drives your business outcomes is always a challenge. Assuring in-built quality from inside-out and outside-in perspectives is key to any transition and transformation. A transformational program is successful only when the user accepts the product as fit for purpose. Effective acceptance testing expedites this process and should be treated as a strategic quality initiative rather than a dispensable cost or an afterthought.

Driving revenue amid COVID-19: How can airlines survive the new normal?

The post-COVID road to recovery won’t be without its challenges for airlines as they work hand in hand with regulatory bodies and governments worldwide to enable a sustainable growth trajectory from the present slump. While airlines across the globe ponder over ways to reduce costs, they also need to focus on generating revenue from their operations to sustain the business. Airlines will need to innovate in order to remain relevant in these tough times, and they need to look beyond their own product horizons to stimulate demand and start the long road to recovery.

How travel agents can stay competitive with NDC

Using direct connectivity with airlines is not a new concept, and several travel agents have been doing it for a while. This means travel agents can transact directly with airlines using their own communication channel. However, is it good enough for travel agents to stay competitive? Or is there a better solution that can give travel agents an easier way to use rich content, dynamic pricing, and personalisation on flights and associated products?