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AI-driven price determination - a phased approach to continuous pricing

Airlines have long been looking to apply continuous pricing to increase sales conversion and optimize revenues across channels. But legacy systems based on limited Reservation Booking Designators (RBD) constitute a longstanding challenge to achieving airline pricing objectives. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Unearthing demand patterns from diverse data sources such as customer profiles, competition data, and macroeconomic data are critical as airlines move towards “pure continuous pricing.” And while limitations of the human brain and the RBD restrictions imposed by legacy systems are a challenge, Artificial Intelligence can help overcome these barriers.

While the benefits of continuous pricing are clear, little information is available on how to transition from the current state of inventory control-based pricing and pre-filed fares to the ultimate goal of “pure continuous pricing” nirvana.

Download our white paper to discover how your airline can leverage AI to generate more flexible price points and discover a four-phased approach to achieving “pure continuous pricing.”