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Revenue Growth Strategies for Workforce Camp Accommodation Providers

There has never been a more important & critical time for Workforce Camp accommodation providers to have a concrete action plan in place, to win back the confidence of the guests and their clients. Maintaining high standards of safety, health and hygiene measures is going to be one of the significant challenges. It is essential to revisit the service offerings, continue planning for the future as well as take steps to drive faster recovery to stay competitive. Workforce Camp accommodation providers need to develop a comprehensive mitigation plan and digital strategies. It is highly critical to revamp revenue growth strategies by improving the services & offerings.

Think beyond traditional lodging services & offerings and form partnerships with adjacent value-added service providers like charter, ground transport service provider to stay competitive & cost-efficient. Despite the low bottom line this year, industries worldwide have increased their investment in digital technologies either to cut costs through automation or enhance their customer experiences.

Workforce Camp accommodation providers serving the oil and gas and mining industry, therefore, need to strategically focus on the below four main areas.

  • Ensure Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) compliance
  • Elevate guest experience
  • Optimize processes and digitize operations
  • Identify new revenue opportunities

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