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Challenges and Trends of the Brazilian Aviation Sector

As the largest country in Latin America and the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil relies on aviation to connect its territories and keep businesses moving. To understand the current state of the aviation industry in Brazil, the challenges faced by the airlines in the region and most importantly, the opportunities for growth, IBS Software commissioned journalist Fabio Steinberg to write a comprehensive report that shines light on the Brazilian aviation industry.

Four key levers for large-scale digital transformation success

As the travel industry aims to become more customer-centric, agile, efficient, and collaborative, airlines are in the midst of critical digital transformation initiatives. Planning and deploying a large-scale transformation to achieve desired outcomes can be complex. But understanding the impact and required changes to business processes, operations, and organization is often more challenging.

Indonesia’s Aviation Market: Emerging Stronger in a Post-COVID World

This paper is a follow-up to the white paper that we published in December 2021 – “Indonesia’s Aviation Market: Emerging stronger in a post-COVID world.” The initial paper analyzed how the pandemic has impacted the Indonesian market and the opportunities for Indonesian carriers to emerge stronger in the post-pandemic world. With borders now open again and all travel restrictions (both domestic and international) lifted, the market is now well on its way to recovering.