Trends and insights that shape the industry

How unbundling and re-bundling enable personalized guest experiences and increased revenues in hospitality

Aiming to replicate the modern retailing and personalization practices and techniques from other sectors, the travel industry is in a state of transformation. And hospitality is no exception.

 As hotels and other properties evolve from accommodation providers to total destination services retailers, technology, business, organization, and partnerships need to advance in lockstep. While unbundling the hospitality offer is the first step to finer product segmentation, data and dynamic packaging technology are the game-changers to delivering personalized offers that deliver value to guests and increased revenues for properties.

How brands respond to travelers using Mobile Technology

With hotels now considered as offices instead of a “home away from home” and millennial customers more likely to use a mobile device for making travel arrangements, hotels and travel providers have to think innovatively to respond to the increasing demands from mobile travelers.