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Collaborative Disruption Management

A consolidation is taking place in the airline industry, with multiple airlines coming together as groups for strategic reasons.This happens either through capital acquisition or marketing partnerships, whereby the brand identity of each airline is maintained whilefleets and crews are managed by the group. Schedules are harmonized and coordinated amongst the group members, allowing passengers tosmoothly connect from one member airline to another at the respective individual hub.

The Next Evolution of Airline Operations: Eye Tracking

Can modern technology help airline operations control centers totake better decisions?

Airline operations controllers worldwide discuss "Situational Awareness", but in their daily operations they insist on “seeing it all” before taking a decision. But science has an explanation for why this isn't a good approach.

Top 5 Cost Optimization Innovations in Upstream Oil & Gas Logistics

2016 was a challenging year for the Oil & Gas industry. Rampant supply, a weakening global demand, the slowing economic growth around the world were a few factors leading to the woes seen. However, these challenges for the industry present some excellent opportunities. Innovation has never been more critical in the oil and gas industry. The writing on the wall is clear; companies must innovate, or perish!

Situational Awareness Technology in Airline Operations

The Operations Control Center (OCC), although invisible to passengers, manages several complex aspects of airline operations, such as the expensive fleet of modern and old aircraft, large number of crew members, detailed maintenance cycles, optimization of fuel burn, ATC communications, airport slots and so much more.

Cold Chain Pharma Logistics – Opportunities, Challenges and Options

In 2013 a top pharma retailer in the US decided to donate over 300,000 does of flu vaccine to the Laos People's Democratic Republic, in the light of the regions flu season. External aid was necessary but came with its own challenges. The safe transportation of the vaccines from US production facility to consumption in Laos presented several challenges and most important among them was ensuring the integrity of the vaccine.

Data Analytics in Oil and Gas Industry

A common complaint in the Oil and Gas industry is that there is “too much of data and there is not enough information”. Leading Oil and Gas companies are now recognizing that valuable information is available yet remains untapped. The volume of data has been ever increasing. Concepts of digital oil field, new technologies and ubiquitous availability of broadband have added to the volume, variety and velocity of data.

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