Trends and insights that shape the industry

Challenging Times Pax - Movement in Oil & Gas lndustry

The challenges faced by Oil & Gas companies in efficiently managing people logistics to various parts of the globe to support their operations are many. Different companies try to tackle the challenges in the industry differently.

The Future of the Retail Travel Agency Business

Some online players are increasingly recognizing the role of the retail agency as an important channel for travel bookings. Agency bookings now constitute a significant percentage of the bookings done on supplier direct websites and there is an increasing discovery of the value a retail travel agency can bring albeit a different sort of value from its traditional value offering.

How brands respond to travelers using Mobile Technology

With hotels now considered as offices instead of a “home away from home” and millennial customers more likely to use a mobile device for making travel arrangements, hotels and travel providers have to think innovatively to respond to the increasing demands from mobile travelers.