Cruising versus COVID-19: Surviving and thriving in the new normal

It has taken only a matter of months for the global cruise industry to plunge from historically its best period ever to one where they have virtually no revenues and are being confronted with an existential crisis on multiple fronts. The seemingly endless relay of images on mass media of virus-stricken cruise ships, quarantined in ports or frantically seeking goodwill of nations to disembark guests, has fueled the inevitable perception that cruise ships are large floating petri dishes. 

Seldom does a day go by without an elaborate article or two further bringing the cruise lines into the focal point in a pandemic stricken world and positing whether the cruise lines have it in them to survive the odds and if passengers would ever want to cruise again. Cruise lines themselves are modelling various resurrection scenarios and despite the distinct prospect of its loyal passengers wanting to flock back to its ships once the pandemic recedes, everyone seems to be grudgingly acknowledging that barring a miracle, it could take upwards of a year or two to get back to its pre-COVID glory days.

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