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Cruising versus COVID-19: Surviving and thriving in the new normal

These are unprecedented times and Cruise lines have their work cut out as they strive to emerge victorious in their tug for survival as well as their road to recovery. Cruise industry is no doubt a resilient one having previously faced and recovered from health outbreaks such as norovirus and chickenpox and negative sentiment in the wake of tragic incidents such as that of Costa Concordia.

The enemy this time around is very potent and pervasive and therefore, the test will be much severe requiring redefinition of business models, unprecedented level of coordination, eking out every possible efficiency and revenue opportunity, launching of new loyalty programs whilst continuing to reinforce the message that cruising is a safe and the best form of vacation. Cruise lines who have at their disposal modern and flexible digital platforms will most likely get an edge as they plot their recovery contours. Read more to look at some of the strategies that are very likely to be played out in the days to come.