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What NDC can (and can't) do for airlines and passengers

NDC brings in great benefits to airlines and customers alike. With NDC, airlines can seamlessly create compelling and relevant offers across all channels, backed by exciting experiences and rich content. Likewise, customers can get access to great offers via any channel, direct or indirect. However, in order to truly assess the business value addition that a NDC native platform can bring to an airline and to create a compelling business case for it, it’s important to understand what NDC can and can’t do for both airlines and passengers and to clearly establish boundaries on what would investing in an NDC native/enabled platform mean for an airline.

Connected airline ecosystem: Need for a reliable digital platform

Airlines that seek to gain real value from their OCC should be conscientious in selecting the right kind of platform to support them. In the absence of a suitable technology platform, managing the data exchange and offering in-depth analysis according to the strategic directives of the OCC management professionals, poses a huge challenge. An ideal airline operations management platform is one that operates on a fundamental foundation of data and supports the basic tenets of Situational Awareness, Collaborative Disruption Management, What-If Analysis, Management by exception and Mobility and Cloud.

The Holy Grail of Recovery and Optimization

There is an ever changing and never ending dynamics of factors that contribute towards effective management of airline operations disruption and recovery. Mathematicians, business analysts and operations research experts around the world have been working hard for years to find appropriate recovery solutions for disruptions in airline operations, but the holy grail of optimal recovery remains elusive.

Optimization of Flight Plans for the Energy Sector

Gaining efficiency and lowering costs have become the unofficial mantras of the energy sector during the latest industry downturn. As the supply-demand imbalance dragged down commodity prices and profits, many companies have turned to technology to improve operations.

Digital Transformation - Rail & Road Workforce Logistics

The growing complexity of land based workforce logistics and technology advancements are driving business process automation and innovations to optimize the supply chain. True digital transformation can be achieved through a paperless future with information exchanged on computers and tablets and digitally signed by stakeholders.

Collaborative Disruption Management

Disruptions occur regularly and every airline OCC has a sophisticated disruption management policy to mitigate the impact for travelers and crews. A single operations platform for all activities on the day-of-ops can enable airlines who operate as a group to flexibly respond to disruptions. Information sharing can be simplified if all group airlines have access to the same digital platform which is integrating all relevant operations data like reservations, load planning, flight planning, weather, maintenance, airport, passenger data, aircraft, crew, Air Traffic Control, station and hub data.

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